Am I making a difference?

Am I the only one doing this? 

These are recurrent questions and feelings people often experience in trying to live more sustainably and take climate action. 

This blog was born to profile so sustainable Irish stories and encourage you to keep going and be inspired by what others are doing to live more sustainably.

On March 23rd the Cabinet approved the publication of the Climate Action Bill which commits Ireland to be a net-zero carbon State by 2050, and to achieve a 51 per cent reduction in emissions by the end of this decade.

This feels like an historic date, the date Ireland makes a commitment to create a better future. How are the people of Ireland going to move towards this better future? We want to share how we are trying, some times succeeding, sometimes failing at making this big change in our lives. 

These little windows into personal stories are brought to you by the Sustainable Life School, inspired by Climate Ambassadors. 

The illustration in the homepage banner was designed by Illustrator and Author Debbie Jenkinson as part of our “vision for the future” collaborative project.


If you would like to share your sustainable living journey, get in touch and email us at thesustainablelifeschool@gmail.com

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